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Local Lounge Frankfurt a.M.

China in the new decade – one-way street to a fragmented world order?

  • Date: 06.06.2023
  • Time: 5:45 p.m. until approximately 10:30 p.m.
  • Place:

    Villa Bonn Frankfurter Gesellschaft für Handel, Industrie und Wissenschaft e.V. - Vortragssaal - Siesmayerstr. 12, 60323 Frankfurt am Main

  • Moderation: Andreas Steck, Head of Lounge Frankfurt a.M.
    • The New China Strategy | De-Risking or Reset in the turn of the times?
    • Professor Dr. Horst Löchel
    • Professor of Economics and Co-Chairman Sino-German Center e. V., Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
    • China's national identity and soft power
    • Professor Dr. Iwo Amelung
    • Executive Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for East Asian Studies, Goethe University Frankfurt/M.
  • Christoph Herrmann
    • “Open Strategic Autonomy“ of the EU
    • Professor Dr. Christoph Herrmann
    • Chair of European Law, European and International Business Law, University of Passau