Our Values

EXCELLENCE | We strive for excellence in everything we do and are inspired to make a positive contribution in a dynamically changing world. Our members are decision-makers with excellent special expertise. We receive our information from top experts and pass it on to our members for knowledge transfer.

DISCRETION | We believe that respect for an individual’s personality also requires written and spoken confidentiality. For this reason, we do not publish a list of members or lists of participants in the local lounges.

INTERDISCIPLINARITY | We provide our members with valuable insights into interdisciplinary topics, are dedicated to clarifying complex issues and support the development of strong relationships between interprofessional decision-makers. For our members we create an environment for open discussion circles and the joy of exchange.

INNOVATION | We are excited about the development of new discussion approaches to create insights and practical benefits for our members. Driven by intellectual curiosity, we foster a culture of innovation based on trusting collaboration by expanding our knowledge base and developing new ideas, concepts and services.

INTEGRITY | We act in the awareness that our quality standards and values are expressed in our services and give our members reliable orientation. Our concepts and ideas are free from political or commercial pressure.