Membership in Tax & Legal Excellence

Tax & Legal Excellence is a select network. The members are accepted on recommendation. The Forum of Excellence brings together renowned personalities from the fields of science, business, justice, administration and consultancy in order to achieve a better interdisciplinary exchange and to contribute to sustainable international understanding.

The motives for membership are above all:

  • The intensification of dialogue with other experts and decision-makers from business and society,
  • the creation of a sustainable network that supports the exchange of experience and cooperation between experts and decision-makers across industry and national borders based on common values,
  • the promotion of cross-industry and cross-disciplinary cooperation within industry and the consultancy sector as well as
  • strengthening the expertise of its members to assume overall responsibility in business and society.

Excellent professional performance, a willingness to exchange best practice experience, personal integrity and a cosmopolitan attitude are expected from its members.

Exclusive Services

Members receive free access to top-class lounges in selected business metropolises. Within the lounges, evening events are moderated by a renowned tax or legal expert at the respective location and give the member the opportunity for personal exchange in an exclusive ambience. The focus is on topics in the tension between state, economy and society and serve as a basis for discussion of tax and legal issues in the changing economic and global environment.

In addition, members have the opportunity to attend the European Tax & Legal Forum conference free of charge and can use the TLE Online database for research.

Members can use the exclusive member seal on their homepage for the duration of their membership.

Tax & Legal Excellence Network Member Siegel

Annual Membership

An annual membership fee is charged for the services offered to admitted members. In additional catering fees will be charged for participation in the lounges, depending on the location and nature of the event.


If you have any questions about membership, please call us at +49 2602 947410 or send an e-mail to