Leitmotif and Goals

Tax & Legal Excellence promotes interdisciplinary discussions of legal topics on a national and international level. The forum includes experts from a wide range of disciplines from several countries and supports legal approaches that transcend individual fields of law and their national borders.

Tax & Legal Excellence advocates sustainable further development in the harmonisation of global tax and legal systems. The exchange is aimed at identifying solutions for legal problems in the tension between state, society and economy. Future scenarios are evaluated and practical options for action outlined in events and publications that also include economic and geopolitical facets. In this context new findings are communicated to decision-makers and the public, and discussions are initiated to improve legal certainty.

Promoting International Harmonisation

Tax & Legal Excellence has set itself the goal of promoting international cooperation and exchange among its members. In the interest of its members, the Forum intends to influence the legal framework for better global understanding and to advocate international harmonization of legal systems.

To achieve its goals, Tax & Legal Excellence publishes commentaries and organizes lounges and conferences on cross-legal topics, which are documented and deepened in accompanying publications.

Boards Support Global Exchange

The interdisciplinary approach of tax and legal issues is reflected in the staffing of the boards, whose members are from academia as well as from administration and business. Against the background of a constant exchange between science, business and consulting practice, discussions on controversial positions can be presented in a larger context. The internationally renowned Academic Advisory Boards play a particularly important role in this context.

Tax & Legal Excellence brings together outstanding experts from all over Europe on internationally staffed boards, who are dedicated to overarching tax and legal issues and use their in-depth knowledge to support each other.